Co-Mothering CNY


CoMothering Syracuse is Village Birth International’s local outreach for reproductive justice. We are committed to reclaiming the health and wellbeing of our families through self-determination, collective responsibility, and trust in individual wisdom.

Our Commitment:
• Sistercircles are healing circles. Birthing people have the power to heal and transform their families through liberated birth practices.
• We believe that equitable partnerships are central to reclaiming birth as a safe, humane, & loving act of resistance.
• Healthy families are created and maintained through community supported birth, breastfeeding and well-woman care.
• We should not be limited by circumstance.
• Women who are supported will make informed choices in their transition to motherhood. This support should be compassionate and respectful of individual traditions.


Comothering is an ancient practice of gathering and information sharing in birth and parenthood. We have reinstated this practice as a response to racist and oppressive conditions that create illness and death in African and Latinix birthing families. We believe there is liberation in birth.
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Pregnancy is the biggest transformation in a person’s life. Use this time to reclaim your health and the wellbeing of your family. Come as you are. A healthy, full-term baby begins with YOU.

• Doula Care
• Reproductive Heath
• Pregnancy & Birth Support
• Breastfeeding Assistance
• Nutrition for Healthy Families
• Healthcare Advocacy.
• Sistercare & Love

A Doula is a person that is experienced or trained in the transition to parenthood and childbirth. They provide one-on-one physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual support throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, and the postpartum period. Doulas do not perform medical exams or provide medical diagnosis and are not hired to replace your primary care provider. They offer support during vaginal births as well as cesarean births. Doulas respect the desire of the woman without imposing their own agenda on a birth experience. They are present for support, companionship, guidance, and to offer resources for the family.

Doula work is sacred birth work. Safe, Confidential, & Professional.

Doulas have been key to indigenous practices, family history and the legacy of women supporting women in birth. They exist in our community right now! In the United States, the practices of supportive and midwifery care by women of African and Native descent have birthed and sustained lives for centuries.


Community Birth Advocates and Doulas: Crisol, Selina, Juliet, Martesse, Diane, Lisa, Asteir, and Vickie

We offer a safe, compassionate and loving community to guide families in their prenatal, birth and postpartum experience.

Village Birth International honors this history locally, nationally and globally. VBI supports the oral traditions passed down through generations, as well as individuals pursuing the avenue of becoming a certified professional doula.

Visit our free clinic for antenatal counseling, doula support, nutritional counseling, newborn care, breastfeeding counseling, postpartum support, and healthcare advocacy. Birth workshops and classes are available and offered in English, Spanish, French and Swahili to meet the needs of our community.


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