Co-Mothering CNY


Co-Mothering CNY is a community partnership with Village Birth International located in Syracuse, NY.

Co-Mothering is communal response to present day conditions for people in the childbearing year. In Syracuse, NY, like many cities across the country, families experience medical, economic, social and systemic oppression in pregnancy. These challenges are quadrupled for women of color, low-income families and large populations of refugee women resettled in our community regardless of their income status. Not only do they experience disparities in their access to quality prenatal and postpartum care but these circumstances create poor birth outcomes including prematurity, low birth weight, high infant and maternal mortality rates, chronic illness and postpartum depression. Our communal response to these challenges must reflect the social and medical reality that of horizontal equity and systemic oppression when it comes to reproductive justice and access to maternity care. We must be critically conscious of the ways in which systemic racism, national identity and economic conditions affect all communities as they experience the present day maternal health care system.


Community Birth Advocates and Doulas: Crisol, Selina, Juliet, Martesse, Diane, Lisa, Asteir, and Vickie

We offer a safe, compassionate and loving community to guide families in their prenatal, birth and postpartum experience.

Visit our free clinic for antenatal counseling, doula support, nutritional counseling, newborn care, breastfeeding counseling, postpartum support, and healthcare advocacy. Birth workshops and classes are available and offered in English, Spanish, French and Swahili to meet the needs of our community.

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