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Deconstructing White Privilege and Allyship in Birth Work

Weekend Intensive April 8-9:
Saturday, April 8th 10am-6pm
Sunday, April 9th 10am-2pm

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Workshop Details

This workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Common Ground: Learn shared language, and terms, as building blocks for an anti-racist framework
  • Learn to identify key aspects of white privilege within the field of birth work
  • Showing Up and Owning Up to Stages of Whiteness: Moving beyond shame and blame toward accountability, responsibility, compassion, and healing
  • Individual, Institutional, Systemic: Tools to identify white supremacy within birth work
  • Humanizing Birth Activism: The work starts with ourselves. Developing the tools for listening, self-inquiry, decentering, and empathetic activism
  • Story Circle: Learning about privilege and race through personal narratives
  • From Ally to Accomplice: The work of deconstructing the Ally Industrial Complex
  • Equitable relationships through a decolonized lens; moving toward a liberatory approach to reproductive justice

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