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VBI is committed to following the roadmap for maternal newborn health as outlined by the Black Mama Matters Alliance and the UN Sustainable Development GoalsWe believe in treating people with compassion and respect, sharing success in maternal newborn health, and supporting all providers of care for pregnant individuals and children throughout the world. Organizing throughout cities in the US, VBI Community-Based Doula Trainings help to ensure that all families have access to reproductive justice and maternal health advocacy.  

As stated by the World Health Organization, “Although considered mainly as problems of the developing world, maternal mortality and morbidity remain a challenge in the United States of America (USA).1 Between 1990 and 2013, the maternal mortality ratio for the USA more than doubled from an estimated 12 to 28 maternal deaths per 100 000 births1 and the country has now a higher ratio than those reported for most high-income countries and the Islamic Republic of Iran, Libya and Turkey.2 About half of all maternal deaths in the USA are preventable.2

Village Birth Community Doulas

Village Birth International Community Doula Certification is a community-based training offered so that local people can serve families in their own community during the childbearing year. This professional certification gives doulas the tools and education they need to offer evidence-based guidance and support. VBI doulas are a reproductive justice collective who serve through self-determination and with the understanding that better birth outcomes can only come through real connections with the families we see every day.c902eba3-cb87-4a0e-a28e-7dfb9d023a45.jpeg


Village Birth Community Doulas are trained professionals organizing within their own communities Continue reading “Village Birth Community Doulas”

Co-Mothering CNY


CoMothering Syracuse is Village Birth International’s local outreach for reproductive justice. We are committed to reclaiming the health and wellbeing of our families through self-determination, collective responsibility, and trust in individual wisdom. Continue reading “Co-Mothering CNY”

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