Village Birth Community Doulas

Village Birth International Community Doula Certification is a community-based training offered so that local people can serve families in their own community during the childbearing year. This professional certification gives doulas the tools and education they need to offer evidence-based guidance and support. VBI doulas are a reproductive justice collective who serve through self-determination and with the understanding that better birth outcomes can only come through real connections with the families we see every day.c902eba3-cb87-4a0e-a28e-7dfb9d023a45.jpeg


Village Birth Community Doulas are trained professionals organizing within their own communities and providing: comprehensive perinatal education; labor and postpartum support for pregnant individuals and their families; and breastfeeding education and newborn care support. They also serve as advocates within their own community–organizing to promote dialogue that bridges the gap between community, birth partners and organizations, and professionals within the maternity care system. Our aim is to ensure that all people and families have access to safe, dignified, and culturally relevant care geared toward elevating the platforms of health equity, reproductive justice, and all stages of maternal health. 


This professional doula certification gives community doulas the tools and the education they need to serve families in their own communities, from pregnancy through the childbearing year and beyond. Our training also addresses:

  • the historical and current landscape of maternal health disparities, both locally and globally
  • issues of health and race equity in the US and globally
  • the racialization of pregnancy and birth
  • the affects of trauma in maternal health on individuals and communities
  • the history of obstetrical violence
  • structural and systemic oppression
  • the application of Respectful Maternity Care 
  • tools for community organizing for reproductive justice
  • deconstructing allyship and white privilege in birth work

Our model takes into account the complexities faced by community birth workers and those we serve each and everyday. Our training expands the doula framework beyond just the perinatal, birth and postpartum periods to a model that connects global maternal health advocacy and direct engagement with the diverse communities in which we live.

The choices we make now and throughout our childbearing year have everything to do with our experiences in birth and as mothers. While this certification gives an expertise in birthwork, VBI’s mission is to train community partners, not only to inform, but also to listen and advocate for people as they make decisions based on their own individual circumstance. This training is specifically designed to train & support women of color, refugees, undocumented individuals and LGBTQ families. Our focus is Doula Care as an immediate, collective response to persistently high maternal and infant mortality rates in communities of color. We are committed to improving birth outcomes for families facing health disparities due to concentrated poverty, resource deprivation, culturally incompetent medical systems, and systemic racism in healthcare.

Village Birth International (VBI) Community Doula Training promotes the interconnectivity between community birth advocates and doulas, agencies, institutions, policy makers, and maternal health and medical professionals. Our overarching goal is to improve birth outcomes and work toward eliminating antenatal and postnatal disparities present in today’s maternity system that disproportionately affect communities of color. Our framework is based on the Black Mama Matters Alliance and The Universal Rights of Childbearing Women-Respectful Maternity Care organizing throughout cities in the US, community birth advocacy and doula trainings help to ensure that all families have access to reproductive justice and health advocacy.  


VBI Doulas are certified as Community Doulas & Perinatal Community Health Workers.
If you are considering pregnancy or pregnant, please contact us for more info about how a doula can support your experience. We also support birthworkers seeking doula certification as a committed profession. If you are interested in becoming a Community Doula, we are here to support your journey.

There are many options to pursue this life changing experience.
Village Birth International is committed to Community Doulas for families regardless of income or resource availability.

Our training includes 4-Day Intensive & 9-Month Certification for mentorship and program requirements contact