Mobile Midwifery Clinic

The goal of our mobile midwifery clinic is to increase access to midwifery care and reduce maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity in northern Uganda, as well as offer support to the midwives that serve in remote areas of Northern Uganda.

VBI’s Mobile Midwifery Clinic, in partnership with the Ugandan ministries of health of Gulu and Nwoya districts, fosters ongoing antenatal and postpartum care for women in northern Uganda.  The mobile midwifery clinic provides women with a full range of services, including: a weekly antenatal and postpartum support from our team of Ugandan midwives (nurse-midwives and traditional midwives); maternal and infant life-saving skills trainings; cross-cultural midwifery trainings; childbirth education classes; family planning; reproductive health; trauma counseling services; HIV prevention workshops; gynecological care; labor support; antenatal and postpartum follow-up care; newborn care; and breastfeeding support. Our goal is to reduce maternal and child mortality rates, and to support midwives in fostering the best care that they can provide.


Why is this important?
Increasing access to midwifery care saves lives. Globally, over 287,000 women die from pregnancy and childbirth related causes each year — or about 800 women a day. Nearly 90% of these deaths are preventable.