Our Model


Our Vision: A world where liberated models of reproductive justice and health equity is a universal human right.

Our Mission: VBI is committed to universal health equity for all families by eliminating the impact of racism and systemic oppression on perinatal outcomes.

Our Model: Equitable, global maternal health partnerships with an emphasis on sustainable, community-based models.


Community engagement plays an integral role in advocating for respectful maternity care. Founded in 2006, VBI has devoted years to examining maternal health models that work and carry a wide-reaching impact on communities. Using the framework of the Black Mamas Matter Alliance as our roadmap, VBI’s model is dedicated to ending preventable maternal and infant morbidity and mortality by increasing health equity and access to humane, respectful, and dignified care. 

Village Birth International (VBI) is a community-based organization dedicated to improving outcomes in maternal child health while seeking reproductive justice for families facing inequities in the childbearing year. Our village currently serves families in Syracuse NY, New York City, New Jersey, and Northern Uganda.




VBI’s mission is to ensure co-created spaces of agency and advocacy in birthwork so that community people can serve their families in the childbearing year. VBI is dedicated to ending preventable maternal and infant morbidity and mortality by eliminating all barriers of systemic oppression on perinatal outcomes.

We believe in anti-racist frameworks that supports community solutions to our present day maternal health crisis. Our work is built on deepening levels of trust, love and compassion as an act of resistance in birthwork. We believe that African, Native and Latinx descended people have the solutions to heal and create better birth outcomes for their families. We listen and support these solutions through communal action, advocacy, policy work, and education.

Humane birth starts with a recognition of our shared humanity. Transformative social movements don’t happen when we operate as individuals in our separate silos. They are born in community and within an awareness that we are all connected, working toward the same vision: a world where every individual, partner, and baby is deeply respected and honored.