Deconstructing Allyship and White Privilege in Birth Work

Deconstructing White Privilege and Allyship in Birth Work


Workshop Details

This workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Common Ground: Learn shared language, and terms, as building blocks for an anti-racist framework
  • Learn to identify key aspects of white privilege within the field of birth work
  • Showing Up and Owning Up to Stages of Whiteness: Moving beyond shame and blame toward accountability, responsibility, compassion, and healing
  • Individual, Institutional, Systemic: Tools to identify white supremacy within birth work
  • Humanizing Birth Activism: The work starts with ourselves. Developing the tools for listening, self-inquiry, decentering, and empathetic activism
  • Story Circle: Learning about privilege and race through personal narratives
  • From Ally to Accomplice: The work of deconstructing the Ally Industrial Complex
  • Equitable relationships through a decolonized lens; moving toward a liberatory approach to reproductive justice

This workshop is geared toward white birth workers (and open to all) to teach participants the foundational building blocks necessary to examine the role that whiteness, privilege, and allyship plays in our lives on an individual, organizational, and systemic level.
We will look at the process of un-doing racism by learning and unpacking allyship, privilege, and systems like the ally and non-profit industrial complex. We will address ways in which individuals, communities, and policy makers are complicit in sustaining substandard outcomes by not recognizing or considering the historical legacy of systemic racism– a reality that exists in the United States as pervasively as it continues to exist internationally. Together, we will go deeper in exploring the obstacles, as well as, the methods that advance a human rights and anti-racist framework for all individuals and communities.