Asteir Bey, RN, IBCLC

VBI Co-Director


Asteir Bey, RN, IBCLC, serves as a Nurse Coach for elderly and disabled families at St. Joseph’s West Side Clinic in Syracuse, NY where she assists patients to care for their chronic conditions at home while respecting their human right to self-determination in healthcare. She is also a Co-Director at Village Birth International (VBI) and founder of CoMothering CNY.

In 2010, VBI and Co-Mothering joined as a formalized response to oppressive conditions faced by birthing families in Syracuse. Along with her partner, Aimee Brill, VBI founded the first Community Based Doula Program in Syracuse. Currently this doula collective, led by Black women and community birth workers, offers doula care and reproductive wellness education to families in the Sankofa district and the Northside of Syracuse. VBI’s local partnership in Central New York serves to support, fund and uplift Black, African, Latinx and Indigenous Birth workers through trainings, advocacy, education, policy reform and birth justice activism.

Asteir serves her community as a public health nurse, doula trainer, lactation consultant, birth worker and sister. In 2018, after many years of advocating for living wage reimbursement for doulas, she also co-authored and collaborated with Ancient Song Doula Services and Every Mother Counts, on a paper entitled: Advancing Birth Justice: Community-Based Doula Models of Care for Ending Racial Disparities which centers the vital role that community-based doula models need to have in order to ensure success with Medicaid reimbursement.

She believes there is liberation in birth and is committed to uplifting and improving the lives of her community through people-centered healthcare reform, reproductive justice and advocacy. Asteir lives in Syracuse NY with her husband and three teenage children.