Memaniye Cinque, CNM

Director of Midwifery and Clinical Education



S. Memaniye Cinque is a Brooklyn, NY based home birth midwife. Midwives in New York practice in many different types of settings. It was always Memaniye’s goal in becoming a midwife to practice outside the hospital because of her strong belief that birth is a natural, organic family event. While she has experience working in the hospital both as an RN in Labor & Delivery and a CNM, attending births at home has been the most rewarding experience. Very early on as she traveled the journey to Midwifery she always knew that her work would take her internationally.

As a midwife in the U.S. she focuses on providing the opportunity for home birth to those women who would be considered “underserved”. Those who are African-American, or who have public insurance, or who are relatively new to the United States or new to New York. Large groups of people are under-serviced either because of their race, ethnic background, or lack of knowledge of an overcomplicated healthcare system. Memaniye educates people on how home birth is a viable solution for them and their family and how they can make it happen so that they avoid being part of the statistics of¬†higher infant and maternal mortality¬†in those “underserved” groups. With Village Birth International she brings her passion and clinical expertise to help create a more workable system of how birth happens in the Northern region of Uganda to decrease maternal and infant mortality in that area.

Brief educational/work history: Received her RN licensure in 1989, worked as an RN until 1998 when she received her certificate as a Certified Nurse Midwife continuing and completing her education to receive a Masters in Midwifery in 2001. Currently, she is the founder and owner of Dyekora Sumda Midwifery and Nutrition Services established in 2003.